NY Licensed Psychologist
License # 017068
Eric Neblung, Ph.D.
99 Main Street, Suites 313-315
Nyack, NY 10960

Dr. Neblung has extensive experience in geriatric psychology and psychotherapy with older persons.  Issues often addressed include depression, grief counseling, nursing home / assisted living placement, dementia, and coping with illness (e.g., chronic pain, medication compliance, etc.).

In the news...

...As an active member of the Rockland County NY community, Dr. Neblung was interviewed in the Rockland County Times.  The topic? Psychological health in older adults.

  Dr. Neblung supervises psychological services in several skilled nursing & rehabilitation settings in Rockland County.  In this capacity, he oversees the work of other psychologists as they provide psychological services to approximately 1,000 people.

Serving the towns of Clarkstown, Haverstraw, Orangetown, Ramapo & Stony Point and the villages of Haverstraw, Hillburn, Nyack, Pomona, Spring Valley, Suffern, Upper Nyack & West Haverstraw.

Eric Neblung, Ph.D. - Dementia Evaluation, Dementia Screening


Dementia Evaluation & Screening

   Screening for dementia is often helpful in determining competency and capacity, clarifying whether an individual requires supported placement (e.g., in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility), and in developing behavioral management and treatment goals.  There are several types of dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's dementia, vascular dementia, Parkinson's induced dementia, etc.) and identifying which disease process is at work may have significant implications for prognosis, management, and treatment planning.  Additionally, there are other disorders which may mimic the appearance of dementia (e.g., pseudodementia) and are often treatable.  A first and important step is often to rule these out.

   In my practice, a dementia screening and evaluation involves a clinical interview, collateral interview (e.g., with a spouse or other family member), the administration of neuropsychological tests and, occasionally, a review of records.  The testing typically takes place over several hours in one day, though on occasion more than one meeting may be indicated.  The fee varies on the specific referral question regarding dementia (e.g., screening, capacity determination, comprehensive evaluation, etc.) and includes feedback as well as a written report explaining the findings.  These are usually available within 10 business days from the date of assessment.  Appointments are often available within 14 business days.

Eric Neblung, Ph.D. - Dementia Evaluation, Dementia Screening

   If you are interested in a dementia evaluation or screening please contact me for additional information and available appointment times.  I also offer a range of other geriatric psychological services.

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