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License # 017068
Eric Neblung, Ph.D.
99 Main Street, Suites 313-315
Nyack, NY 10960

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Dr. Neblung is a past President of the New York State Psychological Association, an organization representing approximately 2,500 psychologists.

Psychotherapy has been proven effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety, addictions, coping with medical illness, adhd and a range of other mental health concerns.

Dr. Neblung has extensive  experience in geriatric psychology & psychotherapy with older persons.  Issues often addressed include depression, bereavement, nursing home / assisted living placement, dementia and health related concerns (e.g., chronic pain, medication compliance, etc.).

Did you know that anger management problems may be sign of something else?  Problems with anger management may be caused by difficulty coping with current stressors, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, withdrawal and several other mental health concerns. If you need help controlling your anger, click the following link to learn more about anger management training

Serving the towns of Clarkstown, Haverstraw, Orangetown, Ramapo & Stony Point and the villages of Haverstraw, Hillburn, Nyack, Pomona, Spring Valley, Suffern, Upper Nyack, & West Haverstraw.

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Eric Neblung, Ph.D.-Psychotherapy,Rockland,Nyack,NY



   Psychotherapy is a joint process where we explore the challenges you may be experiencing in your life.  There are many types of psychotherapy and the approach I, and the psychologists who work with me, use is typically referred to as "cognitive-behavioral therapy."  During a session, we work with the client to identify patterns of thinking and behaving that cause or maintain their current difficulties.  Once these patterns are identified, alternative approaches and skills are learned.  The process is collaborative and the goal is lasting change.

   My practice reflects the diversity of Nyack and the extended Rockland County community.  As such, we have worked with a wide range of cultural, ethnic, sexual orientations, and religious populations.  Our clinical experience includes the successful treatment of depression, anxiety, addiction and substance abuse, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperacivity disorder (ADHD) and a range of other mental health concerns*.  

   We also work extensively with persons coping with medical illness such as post-operative adjustment, chronic pain, and medically unexplained symptoms.  The concept of "wellness" is important in our work and many of our clients come to "get a better understanding" of themselves or "live more fully."

   In my practice, an individual therapy appointment typically lasts 45 minutes and the fee is $150 per session.  I maintain a non-managed care practice and do not routinely provide information to insurance companies or seek authorization from them.  I will, however, provide documentation requested by the client "going out of network" and seeking reimbursement from their insurer.  This reimbursement typically ranges from 50 - 80%, after meeting a deductible.  (Note: Before seeing any out-of-network provider, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company to determine your mental health coverage).  Appointments are most often scheduled once per week and the number of sessions varies, based on the needs of the client.  Sliding scale is available.

   If you are interested in individual psychotherapy or would like to learn more about how therapy may be able to help you, please contact me for additional information.  I will match you with the psychologist whose expertise and experience best fits your needs.  First appointments can often be scheduled within 24 hours.

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